PUC Certificate Online

Pollution Under Control Certificate or PUC Certificate. In India, all vehicle owners must have this document. It is a certificate of validation that confirms the emission levels of the vehicle are under the government-set limits. You may follow these instructions for a PUC Certificate online. Go to the official website of Parivahan and search for VAHAN. Select PUC Certificate. Put the registration number of your vehicle (last 5 characters) and the code to verify, Select PUC Details, you can download your PUC certificate online, take a printout of the certificate and laminate it.

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Validity and Cost of PUC Certificate Online

Your brand new PUC certificate validity will be for 12 months when you purchase a vehicle. For example, if you have purchased a bike, after a year of receiving a PUC certificate, you will have to get your bike tested at regular intervals to get another bike PUC certificate. Now, these renewed bike PUC certificates will be applicable for 6 months.


If the emissions in any of these tests are not satisfactory, the validity of the new certificate will be decided in line with the test readings. If your bike emits higher levels of emissions than allowed, the registration number of your two-wheeler will be notified to the RTO immediately. The government has set the cost of getting a PUC certificate quite minimal to encourage compliance.


Depending on the vehicle being tested, getting this certificate will cost you around ₹60 to ₹100. The cost of PUC also depends on the fuel type of your vehicle. The below table illustrates the cost of PUC certificate for different types of vehicles:

Types of Vehicle

Fee Amount

Petrol/CNG/LPG (including bi-fuel) driven two and three-wheelers


Petrol/CNG/LPG (including bi-fuel) driven four and six-wheelers


Diesel driven vehicles


Disclaimer: These prices are indicative and subject to change.

PUC Certificate Content

The PUC Certificate mainly contains the following:


  • Motor vehicle number

  • Date of issue

  • Date of expiry

  • Serial number of the PUC certificate

  • Emission test result

PUC Test Procedure

There are mainly two ways of conducting the emissions test for motor vehicles.


The accelerator is pressed fully for diesel vehicles, and then the reading on the pollution metre is recorded. This process is repeated five times, and the average is recorded as the final reading for emissions from your vehicle. Now, in the case of petrol vehicles, the car is kept idle with legs off the accelerator. Whatever the reading, it shall be your full and final score. This process is not repeated.


Vehicles tested for PUC certificate fall under following categories:

Type of Vehicle

Percentage of CO

Hydrocarbon Measured in ppm

Two-wheelers and three-wheelers (2 or 4 stroke) manufactured on or before March 31, 2000



Two-wheelers and three-wheelers (2 stroke) manufactured after March 31, 2000



Two-wheelers and three-wheelers (4 stroke) manufactured after March 31, 2000



Four-wheelers manufactured as per the Pre Bharat Stage II Norms



Four-wheelers manufactured as per the Pre Bharat Stage II, Stage III, or Subsequent Norms



Penalties for not Obtaining a PUC Certificate

If you do not have a valid PUC certificate, you could be prosecuted under Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act. Also, a penalty of ₹1000 is charged for the first offence and ₹2000 for the subsequent ones.

Where Can you get the PUC Certificate?

There are hundreds of PUC granting centres across the country, usually as roadside vans, along highways and petrol stations. The government has also asked all petrol stations to serve as PUC centres to make it more accessible and effortless for vehicle owners. Currently, the government is also mulling over whether the application for PUC certificates should be made available online. Getting a PUC certificate online will be very convenient.

To Conclude

It is important to remember that you cannot renew your motor insurance cover without a valid PUC certificate. As a responsible insurance providing platform, Bajaj MARKETS also requests all vehicle owners to get their vehicles tested for PUC certification at regular intervals. Also, if the renewal date of your two-wheeler or four-wheeler insurance policy is near, it is prudent to ensure you have a valid PUC certificate for your vehicle. Not only will this make you a law-abiding responsible citizen, but will also contribute to the ongoing efforts to combat climate change.

FAQs on PUC Certificates

  • ✔️Should I carry the PUC certificate along every time I drive my vehicle?

    Along with a valid driver’s licence and motor insurance, PUC certification needs to be carried with you.

  • ✔️When should I obtain PUC certification?

    The PUC certificate is issued when you purchase a new vehicle. However, it comes with an expiration date and needs to be renewed through a PUC testing centre.


  • ✔️Do BS6 vehicles need PUC?

    Yes, BS6 vehicles need a PUC certificate.

  • ✔️Does a scooty require PUC certification?

    Yes, all two-wheelers require a PUC certificate.

  • ✔️Why is PUC important?

    The PUC certificate is provided only if the vehicle passes the PUC test. This test is conducted to ensure that the vehicle emissions comply with the norms related to air pollution.

  • ✔️Can I download a PUC certificate online?

    Yes, you can visit the official Parivahan portal to download an online PUC certificate.

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