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As we all know, two-wheelers are more likely to be vulnerable to road accidents compared to cars, especially on Indian roads. Hence, it becomes mandatory for us to safeguard our vehicles with appropriate bike insurance.

Moreover, it is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to have a two-wheeler policy under your name. Having a valid insurance policy will thus not only safeguard your vehicle against unforeseen accidents and damages, but also protect you in case of theft, third-party liabilities, or loss incurred due to human-made and natural disasters.

With one of the best two-wheeler insurance policy, you will be able to financially take care of the loss or damage incurred to your bike.

However, before you purchase bike insurance online or in-person, you must compare different policies. It will allow you to make an informed decision and choose a plan that fulfils your coverage demands.

Several insurance companies provide a wide range of two-wheeler insurance. In fact, many new companies that are entering the market are offering all kind of insurance plans. This thus has led to a dramatic change in the insurance price sector. Because of this reason, it is highly advisable to compare the bike insurance options online.

Some websites allow you to compare different policies, furthering enabling you to choose a plan that fulfils your requirements.

What Does a Bike Insurance Policy Cover?

You will get protection against –

  • Loss or damage incurred due to human-made or natural calamities

  • Loss or damage suffered due to accidents

  • Third-party liabilities

Why Should You Compare Bike Insurance?

Some of the essential reasons why you should compare policies online are as follows

  • Insurance Premium: With online comparison, you get to evaluate different premium rates offered by various insurance providers. Thus, depending on the premium rate, you can choose a policy that is affordable to you.

  • Features: Comparing different policies online will give you a brief idea about the features and benefits of the plan. You can then choose a plan that is best suitable for your needs.

  • Offers and Deductibles: You can also understand different discount offers and deductibles offered on each policy. A deductible is nothing but an amount you agree to pay in exchange of low premium rate.

  • Customer Service: Look for an insurance provider that offers best in market customer service.

How to Compare Bike Insurance Online?

So many insurance companies providing two wheeler insurance plans with competitive offers and benefits, has made choosing a two wheeler insurance plan more difficult than choosing a bike itself. Thus it is important to research and compare two wheeler plans to select a policy that is right for you and your bike. The best way to compare two wheeler plans is by shortlisting your options online.

But before you purchase an insurance, you must browse through different options. Browsing and comparing different insurance policies offered by various insurance providers can be an overwhelming task. Hence, there are sites online that compare different plans for you to make an informed decision.

Once you decide on the policy that is best suited for your needs, you can move ahead and make the purchase.

Bike Insurance Comparison Checklist

Here’s what needs to be done when comparing bike insurance online –

  • Visit the comparison website online and select your city

  • Enter the bike model and its year of manufacturing

  • Choose policy add-ons (if you need any)

  • Submit and browse for different offers

Benefits of Comparing Bike Insurance Online

Some of the salient benefits of comparing two-wheeler insurance online are as follows –

  • Allows you to make an informed decision: After comparison, you will have the facts right about different bike policies. Thus, you can choose a plan that fulfils all your insurance demands.

  • It is a piece of cake: Comparing different policies online is simple. All you have to do is visit the website and enter your bike details. Depending on the given information, you will be provided with a list of policies suitable to you.

  • No Impulsive Purchases: When it comes to insurance, you cannot purchase the policy that you first set your eyes on. To make an appropriate decision, it is essential to browse different options and then choose a policy that is best suitable for your needs.

A Final Thought

To know the best available options, you must compare different policies online. Also, make sure that you are purchasing bike insurance from a reliable source.

Are you looking for two-wheeler insurance?

Then, you can get in touch with us at Finserv MARKETS. With Two-Wheeler Insurance available on Finserv MARKETS, you can benefit from features like 24x7 bike roadside assistance, cash-free servicing, no third-party involvement, hassle-free renewals, and so much more.

To keep your two-wheeler safe from mishaps, theft, or loss, get Two-Wheeler insurance at affordable premium rates. Moreover, Finserv MARKETS allows you to ride carefree no matter where you are staying or planning to travel to on your bike. Browse through our wide range of bike insurance plans across a variety of brand and models that you can select from.

So, why wait? Get Two-Wheeler Insurance with us, right away!

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