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About Audi Used Cars

Audi is among the leading German auto brands that embodies panache, perfection and luxury. Everything about the car is a style statement in itself. Driving an Audi is nothing less than a dream come true owing to its high price. The car is decked with the latest features matched by a roaring, high performance engine. For those whose dream car is Audi, but they can't think of buying it brand new, the option of second hand Audi cars is the way to experience the unique car experience. A host of used Audi cars are available in the market, but always check for the quality and performance before you buy it.

Top Audi Models to Buy Second Hand

Here are the top second hand Audi cars, available across segments ranging from sedan to SUV and ultra-luxury sedans:





Audi A4

Premium Sedan

1998 cc

Hybrid tech for fuel-efficiency

Climate control options

Front Fog Lights

Power Windows

Audi A6

Luxury Sedan

1984 cc

Parking Sensors

Climate Control


Infotainment System

Audi A8

Ultra-luxury Sedan

2995 cc

Long Wheelbase Configuration

Fully digitalized console

Touchscreen Dashboard

Hybrid Engine option

Audi Q3


1395 cc

Electric Seats

Adjustable Sunroof

LED Headlights

Quattro All-wheel drive

Tips to Buy Pre-Owned Audi car

Audi is a high-end luxury car, so it goes without saying that it requires good maintenance. Before putting your foot on the accelerator panel, check the condition of the car's engine and its repair history. Audi cars have sophisticated automotive components and subparts, and only authorized garages or dealerships trade in them. Not every garage can repair an Audi, and you wouldn’t want hit and trial methods being deployed on your vehicle. So always factor the cost of repair and spare parts while buying Audi second hand cars. Here are some of the tips to buy Audi pre-owned:

  • Car Engine:

Engine is quite literally the powerhouse of a car. While the shiny exterior tells a lot about the car's condition, it can be deceptive as well. So, the best way is to get the engine of the used Audi inspected thoroughly and if something is not working well, ask the owner to get it repaired or replaced.

  • Miscellaneous Expenditure:

On-road expenses of luxury vehicles are usually very high. Take a stock of that expense along with a rough estimate of the monthly fuel bill before you purchase Audi second-hand cars.

  • Interiors and Décor:

Audi cars are famed for excellent upholstery and décor. While they are durable and made from the best quality materials, they can get worn-out and frayed. Look for any tears or defects in the Audi pre-owned interiors.

Second Hand Audi Car Insurance

Car insurance is both a legal requirement as well as a necessity to protect the vehicle in case of theft, arson, disasters etc. In case of accidents involving liability claims by a third party, car insurance is crucial. Third-party insurance claims deal only with liability in case of accidental injuries or other unfortunate incidents, while comprehensive insurance lends protection to the car and the driver as well. These are the key points to keep in mind for second hand Audi cars:

  • Full Protection:

You would not want to spend an enormous amount on repair or part replacements in case of disasters or accidents. A comprehensive insurance plan for Audi second hand car provides protection against all of these damages:

  • Cover Renewal:

Always check the insurance status of the used Audi car that you are about to purchase. The insurance papers ought to be transferred in your name without any delay. If the insurance plan is about to expire, then you can either get it renewed online or look for a new plan. Cashless insurance cover plans with a range of network garages are also available for second hand Audi cars. Under these plans, you can get your car repaired at a garage from the list provided by the insurance provider without worrying about the need to settle the bill.

Optional cover can also be availed for Audi cars

  • Bio-fuel kit cover for LPG/ CNG

  • Cover for all electrical/ non-electrical accessories

  • Accidental damage cover for driver as well as passengers

By selecting the following add-ons, the insurance cover plan can be further upgraded

  • Engine Protection:

Any non-accidental damage to the engine is covered under it.

  • Zero Depreciation:

Zero depreciation cover is not taken into account while figuring the car's value

  • Invoice Return:

In case of total loss, the insurance provider will refer to the invoice value of the car and not its current market value while estimating its insured value.

The Bottom Line

Audi is one of those brand names that requires no other qualifiers or details. It stands apart as a marker of quality and refinement. If you have long cherished the aspiration to drive an Audi car, but couldn’t because of cost constraints, then you can explore second hand Audi cars and realize your aspiration. But before you start the process of actively looking for a robust used Audi, prepare a rough breakdown of the average monthly expenses and repair costs. Also thoroughly check for the car's interiors. If you spot something that's not functioning properly, ask the owner to either lower the price or get it replaced. Car insurance for used Audi cars is another thing that has to be scrupulously followed. If the insurance has expired, it's up to you to either renew it or buy a new insurance plan. Check out the Audi car insurance plans for your new or used Audi car today.

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