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Apply for Driving Licence in Mumbai

Having a driving licence is imperative to be able to drive on the roads in India. Failure to show your licence when driving can result in suspension of the vehicle, and a fine of ₹5,000. Not only is it important to maintain law and order on the roads, it is also an important qualifier of your ability to drive a vehicle without being a liability to yourself or others. For this reason, having a licence is necessary.

For the city of Mumbai, getting a driver’s licence is relatively simple due to the easy online driving licence portals available. The Maharashtra Transport Department has created a uniform system for all Mumbaikars to access their driver’s licence with ease, as well as apply for renewal of their driving licence. Following are the types of licences available in Mumbai:

Types of Driving Licences in Mumbai

  • Two-wheelers with gear vehicles.

  • Two-wheelers without gear vehicles.

  • Four-wheelers with and without gears.

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Transport Vehicles

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For a Driving Licence in Mumbai

The eligibility criteria to apply for a driving licence in Mumbai is as follows –

  • The applicant should be 16 years old to ride a gearless two-wheeler

  • The applicant should be 18 years old to ride/drive a light motor vehicle with gear

  • The applicant should be 20 years old and passed a minimum of 8th class to drive heavy motor vehicles

  • The applicant should know and abide by the basic traffic safety rules

  • The applicant should have a valid learner’s licence before applying for a permanent driving licence

Documents required for a driving licence in Mumbai

To have the authority to drive in Mumbai, the applicant should submit the following set of documents to the Road Transport Authority. They will then verify these documents and approve/reject your application based on your test results and eligibility.

  • A duly filled driving licence application form – available online as well as offline

  • Three passport-sized photographs for a learner’s licence and three passport-sized photographs for the permanent driving licence

  • Address proof – ration card, voter’s ID, Passport, Aadhaar Card, or LIC policy that is older than 6 months

  • Age proof – education certificates, birth certificate, or SSC certificate

  • Copy of your valid learner’s licence when applying for a permanent driving licence

  • PAN card copy

  • The payment receipt

  • Medical certificate Form 1A if the applicant is above 40 years old

Steps to Apply for a Learner’s Licence in Mumbai

Before getting a permanent driving licence, apply for a learning licence first. The following steps show the process of getting a learner’s licence in Mumbai.

  1. Register and fill the learner’s licence application form online by visiting the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Department.

  2. Pay a fee of Rs. 151 plus Rs. 50 for the test

  3. Alternatively, visit the RTO and fill the Form-4 for the same. After submitting the form, the applicant will receive an application number. After this, an official will give a slot to take a preliminary test for learner’s licence.

  4. Give the test as per the slot arrangement. The test evaluates the applicant based on their traffic safety knowledge. If the applicant clears the test, they will immediately get their learner’s licence. However, if they fail, then they have to apply for the test again.

  5. After getting a learner’s licence, the applicant can proceed to apply for a permanent driving licence after 30 days.

Steps to Apply for a Permanent Driver’s Licence in Mumbai

After getting a learner’s licence and practicing driving on the streets with a licenced professional guiding you, the applicant can take their newfound skills and apply for a driver’s licence in Mumbai. The fee for applying for a driver’s licence is Rs. 200, and the cost for the test is Rs. 300. Following are the step to apply for a driver’s licence in Mumbai:

  • Go to the Maharashtra Transport’s official website.

  • Download the ‘Application of Driving licence’ Form and fill it.

  • Upon submitting the form, the applicant will be issued an ‘application reference number’ and be given a date for an appointment with the RTO.

  • On the day of the appointment, the vehicle must be taken to the RTO. The vehicle used for the test must be the same as the one mentioned while filling up the application.

  • The applicant will be required to drive in front of the RTO Official. A clear sense of traffic rules and regulations, along with a finesse to operate the car, must be displayed. The official needs to ensure that the applicant does indeed know how to respond to various scenarios on the road.

  • The results are announced within a few hours. If the applicant fails, they will have to give the test again in a few days. If they pass, they will receive their driver’s licence by post in a few days.

RTO Licence Fees Charged in Mumbai

The following table gives a brief overview of the fixed licence fees charged by the RTO in Mumbai –


Fees Charged

Learner’s Licence

Rs. 151 + Rs. 50 (for the test)

Permanent Driver’s Licence

Rs. 716

Driving Licence Renewal

Rs. 416

Duplicate Driving Licence

Rs. 216

International Driving Licence Permit

Rs. 1000

Permit to Drive Public Service Vehicle

Rs. 766

Duplicate Registration Certificate

50% of the registration fee of a particular class of vehicle

Duplicate Fitness Certificate

Rs. 100

Alternation in Vehicle

Rs. 50


Steps to Check Driving Licence Application Status in Mumbai

You can either check your driving licence application status online via the State Transport Department website or the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways official website.

Check Driving Licence Status Online Via State Transport Department

  1. Visit the official website of the State Transport Department of Mumbai

  2. Click on ‘DL and LL registration’

  3. Choose the option ‘Know your application status’

  4. Enter your application number and click on Submit

  5. It will display the application status on the screen

Check Driving Licence Status Online Via Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

  1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

  2. Choose the ‘Driving Licence-Related service’ option

  3. Choose the state you reside

  4. Choose the ‘Verify Status’ option

  5. Enter your application number and Date of Birth

  6. Enter the correct Captcha code

  7. It will display the application status on the screen

Applying for an International Driver’s Licence in Mumbai

For those who do not reside in India, but are citizens of India, an international driver’s licence can be procured in the city of Mumbai. This allows ease of transport for the duration of their travel. The fee required for applying for an international driver’s licence is Rs. 1,000. Following are the documents required to make an international driver’s licence:

  • Valid driver’s licence held by the applicant and related documents.

  • Copies of passport, visa (in applicable cases), and air ticket verification.

  • Fees along with user charges.

Applying for Duplicate Driver’s Licence in Mumbai

A duplicate driver’s licence is required when the original is lost or destroyed, or when the photograph on the licence requires to be updated. The following procedure must be followed in order to get a duplicate licence:

  • Go to the police station that has jurisdiction over the area where the licence was lost, and file an FIR. The Notary Office will have you sign an affidavit confirming that you did indeed lose the licence.

  • Go to the same RTO where you got your original licence with a copy of the FIR, the affidavit, and three passport size photographs.

  • An application must be filled in Form 2 in order to get a duplicate licence.

  • Attested photocopies of the driver’s licence in case the original is destroyed or lost must be submitted.

  • Fee along with user charges will be charged for the process.

Driving Licence Renewal in Mumbai

A driver’s licence is valid for 20 years, or until the registered driver turns 50 years of age, whichever happens first. Renewal of driver’s licence must be done a month prior to the date it expires. Renewal of the licence costs Rs. 200.

The following steps explain the process of renewing permanent driving licence in Mumbai -

  1. The applicant must visit the concerned RTO and apply for renewal of the licence.

  2. Alternatively, they can also renew their driver’s licence online at the Maharashtra Transport website.

  3. Upon submitting the required documents, they will be verified. Once approved, the licence will be approved and sent to the driver in question.

Process for Driving Licence Test in Mumbai

The process of driving licence test is defined in Rule 15 of the Motor Vehicles Act. There will be an official appointed to take the test of the applicants. He/she will decide to pass/fail the applicant based on their performance.

Know that the applicants need to take their vehicle for the test. The vehicle needs to be for the same class as the one mentioned in the driving licence application. The applicant can use a motor vehicle from their driving school in case they don’t own the required vehicle.

Driving Licence Test in Mumbai for Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers

When appearing for a driving licence test for a two-wheeler or three-wheeler, the applicant is needed to ride inside a border on an imaginary pattern of the figure ‘8’. This needs to be done without touching the feet on the ground. Once the investigating officer is pleased, they will ask the applicant to ride the vehicle on the road for further evaluation. This shows the applicants control on the vehicle in real-world conditions.

Driving Licence Test in Mumbai for Four-Wheelers

The driving licence test for a car is standard across the country. During the test, the applicant is needed to drive on a specially prepared track without coming in contact with any of the pillars. Once the investigator is pleased with the applicant’s performance, they will be requested to drive on the road. Based on the applicant’s performance, they will be marked passed or failed. In case the applicant fails the test, they can reapply after seven days.

Details of RTO Offices in Mumbai

There are five RTO offices in Mumbai. The details of the same are as follows –

RTO Office

Address Details

MH-01 Tardeo RTO Office – South Mumbai

Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra Pincode – 400034

MH-02 Andheri RTO Office – Western Suburb Mumbai

Regional Transport Office, D/111, Ambivali Village, Versova Road, Near Manish Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400053

MH-03 Worli Deputy RTO Office – South Mumbai

25/Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli, Maharashtra – 400025

MH-03 Wadala RTO Office – Harbour Mumbai East

B/2, 3rd Floor, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400037

MH-47 Dahisar Deputy RTO Office – Western Suburb

Dy. Regional Transport Officer, Wing-A Link Rd, Kandarpada Anand Park, Dahisar West, Near Borivali, Mumbai – 400068



Now that you know how to apply for a driver’s licence in Mumbai, what are you waiting for? Go and apply now!

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Manage all Queries related to Driving Licence in Mumbai here

  • ✔️What is the process to apply for a permanent driving licence in Mumbai?

    Getting a permanent driving licence Mumbai is not a very complicated task. After getting a learner’s licence, you can apply for the permanent driving licence in Mumbai. To get a driving licence, visit the Maharashtra Transport Department’s website.

    1. Download and fill-up the ‘Application for driving licence’.
    2. An application reference number will be assigned and an appointment date with the RTO will be given after submitting the form.
    3. To get a driving licence in Mumbai, visit the RTO with the vehicle mentioned while filling up the application form.
    4. The applicant will have to drive in front of an RTO official. He/she will test the applicant’s knowledge of traffic rules and driving abilities.
    5. The result of the test is declared in a few hours. If you pass the test successfully, the permanent driving licence will be sent by post.

    The cost of applying for a driving licence Mumbai is Rs 200, while the test costs Rs 300.

  • ✔️How to apply for a Duplicate Driving licence?

    Loss or wear and tear of driving licence are not very uncommon. One has to apply for a duplicate driving licence if the original one is lost or destroyed. To apply for a duplicate driving licence in Mumbai, file an FIR in the police station which has jurisdiction over the place where the licence was lost.

    1. Along with the copy of the FIR, you will also have to get a notarized affidavit stating the loss of driving licence.
    2. Submit the copy of FIR, the affidavit, and three passport-sized photographs at the RTO which had issued the original licence. An application in Form 2 will also have to be filled and submitted.
    3. Additionally, attested copies of the original licence in case the licence was lost or destroyed will have to be submitted.

    The fee for the issuance of a duplicate driving licence in Mumbai is Rs 200.

  • ✔️What are the documents required to apply for a Driving licence in Mumbai?

    To apply for a driving licence in Mumbai, one needs to submit documents like address proof, age proof and a few other documents.

    1. To prove the age of the applicant, one of the documents listed below can be submitted. Birth certificate, educational certificate, passport or certificate from central or state government if you are a government employee. 
    2. One of these documents can be submitted as address proof Passport, ration card, voter’s ID, LIC policy bond 
    3. Besides address and age proof, the applicant has to submit application form 4, application form 5 in the case of commercial licence, original learner’s licence and three passport-sized photographs.
  • ✔️If I get my learning licence in Mumbai, will it be valid in other cities?

    Yes. Both learning and permanent driving licences issued in Mumbai are valid across the country.

  • ✔️Can I renew my expired learning licence in Mumbai?

    No. You cannot renew your learning licence in Mumbai or elsewhere. If the licence is expired, make a new application with the RTO and get a new learner’s licence. Note that the learning licence is valid for only six months.

  • ✔️What rules do I have to follow if I hold a learning licence in Mumbai?

    A learning licence holder has the liberty to practice driving on public roads in Mumbai. Note that the licence holder needs to exhibit the ‘L’ symbol on their vehicle when driving on the road.

  • ✔️Can I apply for a duplicate learning licence in Mumbai?

    Yes. You can apply for a duplicate learning licence if you misplaced or tore the original one.

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