Traffic Rules and Violations in Delhi

A Haryana-registered truck driver was fined over Rs 200,000 in Delhi for 10 traffic offences after the amended motor vehicles act was implemented in September 2019. This is only one of many hefty fines paid by motorists since the act came into practice. The transport ministry has said that it has enhanced penalties on offences where no penalty was previously specified, introduced several new penalties and made penalties on offences such DUI, speeding, uninsured vehicles and lacking documentation much stricter. Similarly, there are now stricter penalties on drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts, carrying an excess number of passengers, minors driving cars and incorrectly seating children in a vehicle. New Delhi is one of the few states to implement the new rules.

List of Traffic Fines and Rules in Delhi


New Penalty from 1st Sept-2019

Old Penalty

Driving/Riding without Licence

₹5,000 and/or community service


Driving/Riding Under the Influence of an Intoxicating Substance

₹10,000 and/or 6 months prison | ₹15,000 and/or 2 years jail for repetitive violation.



LMV: ₹1,000- ₹2,000 MPV/HPV: ₹2,000- ₹4,000 (+ licence seizure)


Driving/Riding without Insurance

₹2,000 and/or 3-months prison, community service | ₹4,000 for subsequent offence

A fine of ₹1,000 with a punishment of up to 3 months.

Driving without Seat Belt

₹1,000 and/or community service


Speeding and Racing

₹5,000 and/or 3-months prison, community service | ₹10,000 for subsequent violation and up to 1 year in prison, community service


Dangerous Driving/Riding and Jumping Red Light

₹1,000- ₹5,000 and/or 6-months to 1 year in prison, licence seizure

₹100 - ₹300

Violating Road Regulations

₹500- ₹1000


Driving/Riding While on the Mobile (Handheld)



Driving/Riding Despite Disqualification

₹10,000, and/or community service


Not Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles like Ambulances, Fire Engines, etc.

₹10,000 and/or community service


Riding without Helmet (rider and pillion rider)

₹1000, and or licence disqualification, community service for 3-months


Overloading Two-Wheelers

₹2,000 and licence disqualification and/or 3-months of community service


Juvenile Offences

₹25,000 with 3-years prison, cancellation of registration for 1-year, juvenile ineligible for licence until 25 years of age.


Overboarding Passengers

₹200 for every extra passenger and/or community service


Driving/Riding without Ticket



Offence Committed by Enforcing Authorities Such as Offering Bribes

Twice the penalty (varies according to traffic rules violated)


Unauthorized Use of Vehicles Without Licence

₹1,000- ₹5,000


Refusing to share information under orders of the Traffic Authority/Disobeying orders



Vehicles without Permit

₹10,000 and/or up to 6-months prison, community service

Up to ₹5,000

Driving/Riding without Registration

₹5,000 | ₹10,000 for subsequent offence


How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Delhi?

The steps for making a successful traffic e challan payment online in Delhi are as follows –

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Select the ‘Notice’ tab on the menu and choose ‘Pending Notices’.

Step 3: Here, enter your vehicle number or the notice number (traffic challan) issued to you.

Step 4: Click on ‘Search Details’ to proceed.

Step 5: Select the ‘Pay Now’ option in case any e challan is pending.

Step 6: Check the payment ID and corresponding amount.

Step 7: Once you complete the e challan online payment process, a confirmation text is sent to your mobile number.

How to Pay Delhi E Challan Online via Tatpar App?

At the moment, you cannot make e challan payment via PayTM or any other mobile wallet in Delhi. However, if you want to make an e challan payment online in Delhi, you can use the Tatpar App developed by the Delhi Police. The app is currently available for Android users on the PlayStore, whereas it is under development for Apple users.

Here’s what you need to do when making e challan payment via Tatpar mobile app.

Step 1: Download and install the Tatpar app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Open the app and register with your mobile number.

Step 3: Enter the OTP sent on your number to complete the verification process.

Step 4: As the app opens, select the ‘Traffic Notice Payment’ option on the homepage.

Step 5: Choose ‘E-Challan’ and enter your vehicle number or notice number.

Step 6: If your vehicle is issued any notice, proceed to make the payment for the same.

How to Check Traffic Fine and E Challan Status in Delhi?

Use the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways website - Parivahan - to check e challan status online in Delhi. Here’s what you need to do to check traffic fines and the e challan status.

  1. Visit the Parivahan website at
  2. Select the ‘Check Challan Status’ option on the menu.
  3. Enter the challan number, vehicle number, or your driving licence number to retrieve the details of your Delhi e challan.
  4. The new page will provide you with any pending traffic fines and e challan status under your vehicle.

Important Traffic Signs and Rules in Delhi

Signs and symbols play a crucial role in traffic safety. They provide various kinds of information and help guide motorists in a number of ways. Here are some of the most important signs and symbols to bear in mind when you hit the road. 


Traffic Rules to Be Followed When Driving a Two-Wheeler in Delhi

When you are making use of a two-wheeler in Delhi, the following traffic rules in India would be applicable:

  • Violating the odd-even code in Delhi means breaking traffic rules in India - you can be fined up to Rs 4000 for such a violation.

  • In the maddening rush to get to work or to an important meeting, even the best of us think about breaking traffic signal rules. Violating traffic signs in India or in other words jumping a red light can get you in serious trouble depending on the gravity of your offence. The penalties for violating traffic signal rules range from licence seizure to fines between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 and even prison time. The risk of being penalised for breaking traffic signal rules far outweighs the few minutes saved.

  • Road regulation violations such as taking a u-turn where it is not designated or using a one-way can result in a fine of Rs 500 to Rs 1000. Here is a helpful chart of all the mandatory signs that you must absolutely adhere to.

  • Offering to bribe a policeman will double the original penalty.

  • Traffic signs in India often malfunction resulting in traffic police being set to the task. When traffic police are manually directing traffic it is tempting to slip ahead when the policeman is looking the other way. However disobeying orders by traffic police could result in a Rs 2,000 fine.

  • Before letting your teenager take your bike out for a spin, know that according to traffic rules in India, if he or she is caught, your vehicle registration will be cancelled. Moreover your ward will not be able to apply for a driving licence till he or she is 25 years old.

Traffic Rules to Be Followed When Driving a Four-Wheeler in Delhi

In addition, car owners in Delhi need to be aware of and adhere to the following car-specific rules to avoid hefty fines.

  1. This is understood and cannot be emphasised enough - Do not drink and drive. Booking a cab or party driver home at any surge charge is a much more sound decision than the Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 fine or worse, imprisonment (of up to 6 months for a first time offence and up to 2 years for a repeat offence).

  2. Do not use your phone while driving.

  3. Always carry all your documents. This includes your registration certificate, PUC, Driving licence, Insurance paperwork and a Fitness Certificate that says your car is fit to be used in public.

  4. All passengers must wear seatbelts. The law states that the car-manufacturer must provide seat belts for the rear-seats as well.

  5. Park only in designated parking areas.

  6. Children under 13 years old must use child restraint system geared seats according to traffic rules in India. The government has made it mandatory for car manufacturers to provide a provision for a child seat to be fitted by the buyer whenever needed.

  7. Insurance is a must-have. You can be fined Rs 2000 for a first-time offence and Rs 4,000 for a repeat offence. Moreover, it just makes good sense to have a valid insurance policy to guard against loss occurring due to accidents, thefts or even natural calamities or damage that can occur during riots or protests. You can get a comprehensive Motor insurance plan with the click of a button on Finserv MARKETS. On Finserv MARKETS, both two-wheeler insurance, as well as, car insurance, is available. Alongside, with car insurance you get to avail of perks like 24/7 roadside assistance, swift claims settlements, access to a network of over 4000 garages and much, much more.

  8. Be sure to make way for emergency vehicles. Whatever your emergency is, the Rs 10,000 fine is not worth it.

  9. Overloading your car can attract a fine of Rs 200 for every extra passenger and might even earn you community service.

If you get through Delhi's notorious traffic on a two-wheeler, be sure to adhere to the following two-wheeler-specific rules to avoid getting in trouble with the traffic police.

  1. Drinking and riding a bike or scooter will land you has the same penalties attached to it as driving a car - you could be fined up to 10,000 and land yourself in prison for up to 6 months for even a first-time offence.

  2. While the temptation to race on a bike is sometimes irresistible, giving into this can attract fines up to Rs 5,000 and as such, it is best avoided.

  3. Always use a helmet. Violation of this rule can see your licence suspended for 3 months (and/or else community service for 3 months) in addition to a Rs 1,000 fine.

  4. Not following lane discipline according to traffic rules in India, attracts a fine of Rs. 100 per offence.

  5. Always carry your paperwork including licence, registration, insurance, PUC and fitness certificate.


Delhi police issued 3,900 challans on the very first day of the amended the New Motor Vehicles Act. The police are being very diligent about the new rules and this is sure to prove positive for motorists in the long run. Be disciplined and get your paperwork together right away to avoid any hassles. 

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FAQs related to Delhi Traffic Challan

  • ✔️Who can collect traffic fines in Delhi?

    The traffic police is liable to collect the traffic fines and further charge challans to people violating the traffic rules.

  • ✔️What will happen if I don’t make e challan payment in Delhi?

    For those who fail to make e challan payments in Delhi –

    1. Will have someone from the Delhi Traffic Police department visit your address and collect the fine amount in person.
    2. If they are unable to collect the fine from your home in person, you will have to appear in front of a judge and explain the failure of paying the challan on time.
    3. If you fail to appear in front of the judge, your driving licence will be revoked immediately.
  • ✔️Can I check e challan status online in Delhi?

    Yes. You can check your e challan status and many other details online by visiting the Parivahan website.

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