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Weekend Getaways around Bangalore

Situated in Southeast India, Bangalore, commonly referred to as Bengaluru, is the largest city in Karnataka. Also known as the ‘Silicon Valley Of India’, this city is home to many startups and Indian tech companies.


Surrounded by various religious and historical architectures, Bangalore is truly one of the perfect weekend getaway destinations for all travellers. With that said, here are some of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore mentioned in the list below.

Must Visit Bangalore Weekend Getaways

Be it mountains or hills, Bangalore has it all. If you are looking for something adventurous, there is an endless list of hill stations, such as Coonoor, Munnar, and Coorg, among others. Simultaneously, if you are a sea lover, you also have some fantastic choices, such as Goa and Mangalore. 


Mentioned below are some of the best weekend getaways near Bangalore for the weekend. Every wanderlust out there who wants to break that monotony of their daily lives with a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air can get into exploring these sites. 

Nandi Hills- 61 km from Bangalore

Located at 4851 ft above sea level, Nandi Hills is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Bangalore. Scattered with beautiful mountains and majestic pillars, Nandi Hills is known for its spectacular sunrise views. 


Although the weather at Nandi Hills is pleasant almost every season of the year, if you truly want to gasp in that beautiful scenery, you should visit during the months of September to February. Try to avoid the monsoon season since, like most other hilly areas, the roads can be quite slippery and prone to accidents.


Some of the most popular areas to visit in Nandi Hills include Tipu’s Drop, Tipu Sultan’s Fort, and Muddenahalli, among others. 

Kanakpura- 69 km from Bangalore

The second place to make it to the list of best weekend getaways near Bangalore is the Nature Adventure Camp at Kanakpura. The camp is situated near the pristine Hosadoddi Lake and Bananthimari Forest area, thus making it the perfect spot for every nature lover out there. You can also indulge in various fun activities such as trekking, cave exploration, rope climbing, boating and mud games, among others. 


The ideal time to visit this place includes the months between October to April. 

Coorg- 267 Km from Bangalore

Coorg is one of the most popular coffee-producing hill stations in Karnataka, known for its beautiful landscape, mouth-watering delicacies, and rich culture. Kodavas, one of the local clans of Coorg who specialise in martial arts, are known for their hospitality. It also listed among the most popular places near Bangalore for weekend trips. 


A lesser-known fact about this city is that it is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Scotland Of India’. So if you are on the lookout for a place to find that perfect solace, Coorg is the ideal place for you. Some of the most popular locations in Coorg include Pollibetta, Virajpet, and Gonikoppal, among others. 

Top Experiences To Do in Coorg

As stated earlier, Coorg provides one of the most spectacular landscapes, spanning dense forests, mesmerising mountains and strong rivers. So if you ever decide to visit this place, here are some of the various activities that you can try to make your trip memorable. 

  • Food Tour- Coorg is known for its finger-licking delicacies, so don’t forget to explore the different flavours offered by this place. 

  • Kaveri River

  • Go Camping across riversides and jungles.

  • Enjoy river rafting at the Barapole river.

  • Go on jungle trekking through the magical woods of Nagarhole National Park.

  • Try out something new, such as microlight flying.

 Ramanagara- 49 km from Bangalore

Have you always wondered about what it feels like to sleep under a blanket full of twinkling stars? If yes, then here is a chance for you to experience that surreal feeling. Located almost 49km from Bangalore, Ramanagara is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Karnataka. Popularly known as the Silk City, Ramanagara is surrounded by seven hills and plenty of shrines and temples. Hundreds of tourists from various corners of the world, flock in every year, to witness the exotic beauty of this place, thus placing it in the list  of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore. 


Some of the major tourist attraction spots in Ramanagara include Mekedatu, Savandurga, Ramadevara Betta Hills, and Chunchi Falls, among others. It is always recommended to visit this place during the months of March to May because that is the time when you can truly enjoy the raw beauty of Nature. 

Dandeli- 460 km from Bangalore

Dandeli is considered to be one of the most popular adventure sports destinations in Karnataka and accommodates a large range of animals and birds, such as black panthers and birds. One of the best things about Dandeli is that you get to enjoy water rafting even during the peak summer months of March and June when the Sun never ceases to shine upon you. 


This is one of the perfect spots for all bird lovers since Dandeli boasts a wide variety of bird species which includes both native and migratory species. There are also several other kinds of activities that you can explore during your stay at Dandeli, some of which might include trekking, staying in tents, and boat rides, among others. 

Top Experiences To Do in Dandeli

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then Dandeli is the perfect spot for you. Some of the various activities that you can try out during your stay in this beautiful city include

  • Mountain biking

  • Jacuzzi Bath

  • Caving

  • Coracle Boat Riding and

  • Wildlife Safari

Chikmagalur- 245 km from Bangalore

Known for its rich aromatic coffee, Chikmagalur has often been termed the ‘Coffee Land Of Karnataka’. Apart from the several acres of coffee plantations that you can see in this hill town, Chikmagalur is also home to various temples. Vidyashankara Temple, Amruteshwar Temple, and Sharadamba Temple are the most notable ones. 


Hundreds of tourists from every corner of the world visit this exquisite place every year to enjoy the unique experience of walking through the plantations and basking in the sweet fresh air. If all of these sounds tempting to you, then what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and get to enjoy the rich flora and fauna that this town has to offer. 

 Top Experiences To Do in Chikmagalur

There are plenty of activities that both kids and adults can enjoy in Chikmagalur. Some of them might include 

  • Have a picnic at Jhari Falls

  • Go to riverside camping at Sakleshpur

  • Explore your golf skills at Chikmagalur Golf Club

  • Don’t forget to explore the various cuisines at Town Canteen

  • Go jet skiing at Yagachi Dam

Ooty- 274 km from Bangalore

Situated in Tamil Nadu, Ooty, is yet another very popular tourist destination that is known for its tea plantations. Starting from black, green, dust and leaf, to even masala and chocolate, the list of tea varieties found in this region is endless. This makes it the perfect place, especially for all tea lovers. Nothing can beat the experience of relaxing over a hot cup of tea in hand and gushing over the hillsides that surround this region. It truly is one of a kind experience. 

Top Experiences To Do in Ooty

Also known as ‘Queen of The Hill Station’, Ooty is undoubtedly one of the best romantic destinations in India. There are several fun experiences you can try out during your stay in this magical place. Some of them include, 

  • A fun railway ride in the Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train

  • Explore the exotic flavours at Tea Museum

  • A peaceful tour of the Ooty Botanical Gardens

  • Adventurous boat ride at the Ooty Lake

  • Show off your photography skills at the Pykara Lake

Wayanad- 278 km from Bangalore 

Wayanad is another one of those interesting places near Bangalore worth visiting in the weekend. Located just 278 km from the city, it’s a 6 hours drive. Wayanad is typically known for its soothing cool temperatures alongside the misty mountains and the dense forests. Wayanad is also popular because of the wide variety of spices that it offers, such as black pepper, fenugreek, and black cumin, among others. 


What’s more, India’s largest dam and the second largest dam in the whole continent of Asia, which is the Banasura Sagar Dam, is situated in Wayanad. 

Top Experiences To Do in Wayanad

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is specifically designed for all the wildlife lovers out there. Therefore, if you ever happen to be in this location, do not forget to visit this unique place. Apart from that, there are also various fun activities that you can enjoy with your children, spouses and family members. Some of them includes, 

  • Bamboo Rafting At Kuruva Island

  • A visit to the Thirunelli Temple

  • Tea Estate Tour

  • Enjoy the crystal clear water of the Kabini River

  • Go ziplining in the hills of Kerala

Sakleshpur- 221 km from Bangalore

Situated in the state of Karnataka is a small town named Sakleshpur that is surrounded by various plantations of tea, coffee, and spices. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of this location, which attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists every year, is the Railway Bridge Trekking. Some of the other famous tourist spots include the 600 years old Saklesphur Temple, Bisle View Point, and the Manjarabad fort, among others.

Top Experiences To Do in Sakleshpur

There are innumerable activities you can engage in during your stay at Sakleshpur. Some of them might include 

  • Hilltop Camping

  • Waterfall Trek

  • Camping near the various plantations

  • A visit to Sakleshwara Temple

  • Enjoy the true beauty of Nature from the Bisle View Point

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