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Driving Licence Bihar

As a vehicle owner in India, you must ensure the issuance of a driving licence because it legally permits you to drive on-road throughout the country. It is a testament to your driving expertise. As an official document, a driving licence allows you to drive either a motorcycle, car, bus or truck on the public road. The Motor Vehicles Department is responsible for issuance of driving licence in Bihar.

For an individual to procure a permanent driving licence, they must pass an examination covering elements of traffic rules, road safety and more transport-related aspects. Once they have received the licence, every individual is expected to have a driving licence on their name. This document works as an identification for the individual and can be produced in front of any law enforcement agency as and when required.

Bihar Motor Vehicles Department heads all Regional Transport Offices in Bihar and is run by the Transport Commissioner. There are 57 Regional Transport Offices in Bihar and a few are also supported by sub-RTOs. The MVD in Bihar is responsible for the registration of motor vehicles both geared and non-geared and issuing driving licence both provisional (learner’s) and permanent. MVD also issues vehicle fitness certificates. This department enforces the Motor Vehicles Act rules and takes care of fee, fine and tax collection.

Different Types of Driving Licence in Bihar

The type of driving licence issued to an individual by an RTO in Bihar depends on the kind of vehicle they own and drive. Here’s a list depicting the types of driving license in Bihar.

  • Driving licence for a gearless, two-wheeler motor vehicle: The DL issued here is applicable for individuals driving a moped or scooter without a gear.

  • Driving licence for a Light Motor Vehicle or LMV: The LMV driving licence is issued for motor vehicles like motorbikes, cars, et cetera.

  • Driving licence for a Heavy Motor Vehicle or HMV: The heavy motor vehicle driving licence is applicable for vehicles like a trailer, truck, or lorry.

Private or commercial drivers are expected to have a badge along with their driving licence if they drive a taxi or a vehicle for public transport.

How to Apply for a Driving Licence in Bihar

Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, a driving licence is issued by the Regional Transport Office of Bihar to an individual who wants to drive a motor vehicle in India. The licence seeker must begin by applying for a learning licence. It’s important to note here that the learner’s permit is only applicable for non-geared vehicles below 50cc.

What is The Eligibility to Get a Permanent Driving Licence in Bihar?

When an applicant turns 18, they become eligible to apply for a permanent driving licence in Bihar. The applicant should hold a learner’s licence first in order to apply for a permanent licence. To procure a driving licence for transport vehicles, the applicant must have attained the age of 20. They must also possess the experience of driving a non-transport vehicle for a minimum of 1 year. The applicant should pass the driver’s licence test.

Test for Obtaining a Driving Licence in Bihar

A computer-based test is a mandatory requirement for first-time applicants. Centres for the same are allotted by the RTOs. Questions vary from traffic regulations to road safety and on the basis of the test, an applicant’s knowledge is considered. Upon clearing this test, the applicant becomes eligible to get a learner’s permit. In order to apply for a permanent driving license in Bihar, the individual must have completed six months of carrying learner’s licence and appear for another test. There are two parts to this test. In Phase 1, a physical test drive will be conducted to scrutinize the applicant’s control of the vehicle. In Phase 2, their adeptness at driving on the track will be put to test.

What documents does an applicant need while applying for a permanent driving licence in Bihar?

Evidence of age and address must be submitted by the applicant while applying for a driving licence either online or offline. A learner’s licence is a mandatory document required to be produced while applying for a permanent driving licence. Apart from that, Form 1 contains a self-declaration of physical fitness for applicants who drive a non-transport vehicle. Form 1A is applicable for individuals driving a transport vehicle.

Driving Licence Fee in Bihar

The driving license fees an applicant could face are as follows:





Driving Test


International driver’s licence


Driving licence Fees


Driver’s licence test


Driver’s licence renewal


Service Charges


Issue of International Driving Permit


Issue of Duplicate License


Renewal of a driving licence for which application is made after the grace period


How to Apply Online for Driving Licence in Bihar

Online application for a driving licence in Bihar is hassle-free. Here are the steps you must follow to procure a driving licence online.

Visit the official site of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways or Parivahan Seva.

  • In the Online Services section, select Driving licence Related Services.

  • Select Bihar in the State section, then enter your learner’s licence number & your date of birth.

  • Fill all the details in the form and upload the necessary documents.

  • Pay the application fee electronically and save the generated online application number.

  • Visit the RTO, share your application number with the officer-in-charge and show your documents.

  • Finally, a driving test slot will be scheduled, and you will have to appear for the test so as to get your driving licence in Bihar.

How to Apply Offline for Driving Licence in Bihar

  • Visit the RTO and collect the physical form applicable to you.

  • Fill in the necessary details and attach the documents required.

  • Submit the same to the RTO officer-in-charge along with the application fee

  • Get a slot for your driving licence test and appear as per the schedule to finally be eligible for a driving licence in Bihar.

Driving Licence Renewal in Bihar

Upon expiration, the driving licence must be renewed. A driving licence in Bihar is valid for 20 years or until the age of 50. For driving licence renewal in Bihar, the following documents must be submitted to the RTO.

  • Form 9 - the application form for renewal of driving licence

  • 1A Medical Certificate issued for a transport vehicle

  • Form 1 - physical fitness form for private vehicle

  • Driver refreshing training document for a heavy motor vehicle or HMV

  • Driving licence along with Aadhar Card

  • 3 recently clicked passport size photographs

The following steps must be followed to apply online for driving licence renewal in Bihar:

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways or Parivahan Sewa.

  • Fill the online application form and attach the documents necessary for the application process.

  • Pay the fee online to receive an online application number.

  • Visit the RTO and share the same. Also, submit the original documents to verify. Upon successful verification, the driving licence will be renewed.

The following steps must be followed to apply offline for driving licence renewal in Bihar:

  • Visit the RTO and collect the application form for driving licence renewal.

  • Fill the details and submit to the officer-in-charge.

  • Produce the original documents for verification and on successful verification, your driving licence will be renewed.

Applying for a duplicate licence in Bihar

You can apply for a duplicate driver’s licence online or offline in Bihar.

To apply online:

  • Go to the site parivahan.gov.in/parivahan

  • Fill in the given form and upload supplemental documents like torn/mutilated driver’s licence, copy of FIR in cases of a stolen licence, Aadhar Card, etc.

  • The applicant will then need to submit their application and pay the respective fee.

  • Upon receiving a designated application number, you would need to visit the RTO in person to have your documents verified.

  • Once your documents have been verified, you will receive your duplicate licence.

To apply offline:

  • Visit the RTO in person to obtain the application form

  • Fill in the form and append the necessary supporting documents

  • Submit the form and pay the applicable fee

  • Once your application undergoes verification, you will receive your licence by speed post.

Applying for an International Driver’s Licence in Bihar

You can apply for an IDP (International Driver’s Permit either online or offline in Bihar.

To apply for your IDP online:

  • Visit the site: parivahan.gov.in/parivahan

  • Fill in the given application form and upload the relevant supplemental documents

  • Once you’ve ensured that all your details are correctly filled in and all your documents uploaded, you can submit your form and pay the necessary application fees.

  • You will then be issued an application number that you would need to keep handy.

To apply for your IDP offline:

  • You would need to visit the RTO in person

  • After availing the application form, you would be required to fill it and attach any supporting documents.

  • Your IDP will be provided once all your documents have been verified.


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Manage all Queries related to Driving Licence in Bihar here

  • ✔️Do I have to pay any fees for a driving licence test in Bihar?

    Passing the driving licence test conducted by the local RTO is mandatory to obtain a licence in India. The process is the same in Bihar. The total driving licence fee in Bihar includes a host of charges like application charges and testing fee. The Transport Department of Bihar charges a nominal fee of Rs 50 for driving test.
  • ✔️What is the fee for availing an International DL in Bihar?

    Anyone with a driving licence issued in Bihar, who wants to drive in a foreign country can apply for an international driving licence in the state. The international driving licence fees -Bihar is Rs 1000 and the application can be made online as well as offline. Applicants need to have documents like age and address proof, along with a valid passport, driving licence and visa to apply for an international driving licence in Bihar.
  • ✔️How to check driving licence status in Bihar?

    The status of driving licence in Bihar can be checked online as well as offline. One can check the driving licence status in Bihar through the parivahan.gov.in website. Alternatively, applicants can directly visit the regional transport office to enquire about the status of the application. The application number generated after filling the form can be used to know the status.
  • ✔️Is a driving licence issued in Bihar valid all over India?

    Yes, driving licences issued in Bihar are valid all over India. Just like other documents issued by the government, a driving licence issued in any state of India is valid in all the other states. The process for issuance of a driving licence is largely the same all over the country, which includes a driving test that is standard across India.

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