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Drivers Licence Test - Learning & Permanent Driving Licence Test

Acquiring a licence is a very first step in becoming a legalized driver in India. One of the most important parts of a driving licence application is the theoretical and practical tests that have to be undertaken by the applicant. The nature of the test will depend on a variety of factors.

Types of Learners Licence Tests

Firstly, the type of test you would have to undergo would depend on which stage of the application you’ve reached. In order to acquire a permanent driver’s licence, the applicant is first required to apply for and receive a learner’s licence. For a successful learner’s licence application, applicants are required to pass a theoretical test. Once the individual has received their learner’s licence, they can apply for a permanent licence. The application procedure for a permanent licence includes a practical test.

The type of test you undergo would also depend on the type of vehicle you want to operate. The different categories of licences issued are -

  • Gearless Two-Wheeler: This category includes two-wheelers without gear, such as scooters and mopeds

  • Light Motor Vehicle: This pertains to cars and motorbikes.

  • Heavy Motor Vehicle: Trucks, lorries and trailers come under this category.

Test Procedure to procure a Learner’s Driving licence in India

Your knowledge of signals and rules on the road and your driving skills will be tested first in order for you to get a driving licence.

  1. Applicants for all types of licences are required to take a theoretical learner’s licence test.

  2. Fill the form available online and fix an appointment for your learner’s licence test at the RTO office.

  3. Ensure you arrive well before an hour from the scheduled start of the test.

  4. During your test at the RTO, you will be asked a few multiple-choice learning licence test questions.

  5. The questions will cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to signs and signals, traffic rules and regulations.

  6. The questions may be of following nature:

A passenger must not be carried on a motorbike unless the bike has

i. A huge engine

ii. Wide tires

iii. Mudguards

iv. Proper footrest

  1. A total of 20 such learning licence test questions might be asked during your learner’s licence test. These are available on the RTO website.

  2. To pass this test, the applicant must score at least 12 marks.

  3. You can retake the test within the span of a week, if you do not pass.

Test Procedure to procure a Permanent Driving Licence in India

Here are some significant points you need to know concerning the procedure of driving licence test in India.

  • After issuance of learner’s licence, you have up to 180 days to apply for the permanent driver’s licence.

  • All the relevant documents including the test spot booking slip must be submitted. You have to pay the fees to take the driving licence test at the designated RTO counter.

  • To take the test, you must reach the venue at least an hour before the allotted time in person

  • At the allotted track, you will have to take the test in the presence of, or with the Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI)

In different states of India, there are different methods to test driving skills of applicants. The type of test will also differ by type of vehicle.

  • Two Wheelers:

Normally for two wheelers, you may be asked to drive your bike on a track shaped like the number 8. The Motor Vehicle Inspector will check your use of signals and hand indicators while taking the test. To pass the test for a two-wheeler, you are expected to drive over the track without your legs touching the ground. The applicant is also expected to complete the test within the stipulated amount of time.

Procedure for the Two-Wheeler Test

  • Step into the Testing Area.

  • Use the card reader placed at the beginning of the track to swipe your identification for verification.

  • When the candidate’s identity is in the process of being verified, the signal lights on the track will flash red.

  • Upon verification, the lights will flash green.

  • A start line will be present. Once the applicant moves his bike past the start line, the signal will flash red once again, signifying the beginning of the test.

  • The applicant will be timed as they take the test.

  • The applicant will be evaluated on two broad parameters: time taken to complete the test and the number of violations committed during the test, if any.

  • Sensors will be present along the track. If the applicant commits any violations and the sensors’ positions are disturbed, they will automatically lose marks.

  • During the test, a video will be recorded, and a picture taken for more insight into your driving abilities.

  • Four Wheelers

To acquire a driving licence for a four-wheeler, the Motor Vehicle Inspector will check your use of brakes, side mirrors, rear view mirror, smooth use of gears, shifting gears according to requirement on the track, and proper hand signals to qualify for a driver's licence.

Your parallel parking ability, capacity to maneuver backwards on an ‘S’ shaped road and maneuver forward on an ‘8’ shaped road will also be put to the test in an LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) Test.

How to check the status of your Driving licence?

  1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

  2. Add your date of birth and your application number

  3. Click on “submit”

  4. You can see the your driving licence status after taking the driving licence test

The delivery of your licence by post can take up to 3 weeks.


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