Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Claim Settlement in India

When you buy an insurance plan, one of the foremost selection criteria is the ease of filing a claim and a high claim settlement ratio. The Bajaj Allianz bike insurance claim process is simple, paperless and can be done conveniently online through the app or website. Furthermore, the company has a high claim settlement ratio of 95.01%, thus making it the best choice of insurance provider for Lakhs of Indians.

It offers the option of cashless claims, in which you don’t need to pay anything from your own pocket. Otherwise, you can also get your bike repaired in any garage, pay for it and then have the approved amount reimbursed.

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About Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Claim Process

Getting your bike, the financial security is needs is just the first step towards a complete protection against risks. It is also very important to understand the claim process, so are not stranded on the road in case of an emergency. One of the most important things to understand when it comes to claim settlement is the claim settlement ratio of the insurer. A claim settlement ratio is the percentage of insurance claims settled by an insurer with regards to the total number of claims received.

With an impressive claim settlement ratio of 95.01%, Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance is one of the trusted insurance companies. The insurer has successfully settled a number of claims through its quick and easy claim settlement process. With a digitalized claim process and continued efforts towards making claim settlement easy for customers, Bajaj Allianz offers complete support during claims. 

How to File a Claim for Bajaj Two Wheeler Insurance Online 

You can register your Bajaj Allianz bike insurance claim through a seamless process on Finserv MARKETS. Here’s how


  1. Register your claim online by clicking on the ‘Register a claim’ link on the Bike Insurance Page
  2. Upload the necessary documents
  3. Bajaj Allianz will then evaluate your claim request and notify you about the change
  4. Check your claim status online

Cashless Claim

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is a pioneer in offering cashless claim facility at any of its network workshops or garage. With a cashless claim, you need not pay any amount for your bike repairs following an accidental damage. You have to take care of the deductible amount, and rest is taken care of by Bajaj Allianz.

Here’s how you can file a cashless claim:


  1. Contact your insurer and register the claim
  2. Inspection of damages will be done by the surveyor
  3. Send your bike for repair
  4. Claim Settled directly with the network garage

Document Required for Cashless Claim

  • Engine and Chassis Number
  • Accident date and time
  • Description and location of the accident
  • Original repair invoice for cashless claims
  • Two-wheeler inspection address
  • Km. reading
  • Copy of FIR, in case of theft

In case of a claim registration for theft, you would need to file a police complaint, so that when you are registering a claim with you are able to produce the copy of the same, along with the other documents.

Reimbursement Claim

You can choose to raise a reimbursement claim with Bajaj Allianz on your bike insurance policy. If you have repaired the bike in a garage other than the network garages, you can get your expenses reimbursed. You need to pay the repair expenses in the first place and then the amount is disbursed by the insurer. The process of reimbursement is very simple:


  1. Contact your insurer and register the claim
  2.  Inspection of damages will be done by the surveyor
  3. Send your bike for repair. You will have to bear the cost of the repair
  4. Reimbursement will be done after submitting original bills

Document Required for Reimbursement Claim

  • Engine and Chassis Number
  • Accident date and time
  • Description and location of the accident
  • Original bills and payment receipt
  • Two-wheeler inspection address
  • Km. reading


Why the Claim for your Bajaj Bike Insurance Policy May Get Rejected?

While registering a claim, it is important to note that a certain factor is taken care of. Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance has a certain set of standards that every need to be followed for your claim to be settled. Some of the common circumstances in which the claims are to be rejected include:

Invalid Claim

Your claim may get rejected in case you have registered a fraud claim

Incorrect Information

Misinterpretation of facts and submission of incorrect details could result in claim rejection

Illegal Driving

Driving without a licence or under the influence of alcohol/drugs can result in the rejection of your claim

Delay in intimation

In case of any unfortunate incident like accident or theft, notifying the insurance provider on time is very important. Any delay in doing so w ould lead to claim rejection

Act of negligence

Driving carelessly without taking care of traffic rules could result in claim rejection

Contact Details

The Bajaj Allianz team is committed to provide you a great customer experience. You can get in touch with them.


  • For any Bajaj vehicle insurance related claims, you can call the customer care number: 1800 209 5858
  • Connect on their WhatsApp service number is +91 75072 45858
  • Email them at:

You can also get the assistance you need by connecting with the Finserv MARKETS team


FAQs on Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Claim Process

  • ✔️How do I claim insurance if the bike is stolen?

    In case of theft of the bike, you need to first file an F.I.R at the nearest police station. You need to submit the photocopy of the FIR and other documents. Along with this, the bike keys and a non-traceable certificate are to be submitted to the insurance company in order to register a claim.

  • ✔️How can I contact Bajaj Allianz in case of emergency roadside assistance?

    You can contact Bajaj Allianz for emergency roadside assistance just by dialling 1800 209 5858.

  • ✔️What are deductibles?

    Deductible refers to the amount that you need to pay as a part of your bike insurance claim. Every insurance policy has a predetermined value of minimum deductible which the customer has to pay after he has made a claim.

Reviews About Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Claim Settlement

Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Claim Settlement

3.8out of 5

3 reviews

Super-fast claim settlement

My Bajaj Allianz bike insurance claim was settled quickly. All I had to do was provide the necessary details and file a timely claim!

Great Customer Support

The customer service team was so supportive and offered complete guidance regarding the claim process. Very satisfied.

Cashless claims were a blessing

I was very impressed with the cashless repair facility available at the partner garage of Bajaj Allianz bike insurance. It made the process very easy.