UK Visa Guide

Every year, lakhs of Indians visit the UK for various purposes. It is a bucket-list destination for many Indians. In 2018-19 alone, over 5 lakh Indians visited the country. Visiting the UK takes a lot of planning and a lengthy visa process. If you are going to travel to the UK soon, here’s everything you must know while applying for a visa online.

UK visa

The UK is a dream country for many. It is also one of the countries with a very elaborate visa procedure. Read on to know the basic details of the UK visa application process.

UK visa types

There are various UK visa types depending on the purpose of the visit.

Standard visitor visa

  • For tourism, leisure, attending events, business etc. The UK business visa has also been incorporated into the visitor visa with several other types of visas.

Study visa (Tier 4)

  • For students over the age of 16 who want to study in a UK school

  • For PhD students

Work visa for UK (Tier 1)

  • For investors investing £2,000,000 in the UK

  • UK business visa for entrepreneurs who want to run a business in the UK with £50,000 or more

  • For graduate entrepreneurs endorsed by a higher education institution in the UK or the department for international trade

  • For exceptional talents in the fields of engineering, science, medicine, humanities, digital technology or the arts

Work visa for UK (Tier 2)

  • For foreign nationals wanting to do a skilled job in the UK

  • For foreign nationals who have been transferred to a UK branch by their employers

Work visa for UK (Tier 5)

  • For fellowship, research, training, etc. through a Government Authorised Exchange

  • For foreign nationals between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to work and live in the UK

  • For sportspersons and creative professionals who want to work in the UK

  • For unpaid volunteers and charity workers

  • For a worker of a religious group

  • For carrying out work contracted by a foreign government

Family visa

  • For living with a family member in the UK for more than 6 months

Ancestry visa

  • For a citizen of a Commonwealth country with ancestors born in the UK to study, work and bring a family member too.

Other UK visa types

  • UK settlement visa for extended family members

  • Residence permit for family or extended family members of foreign national permanently residing in the UK

Requirements for UK visa application

Whether it is a UK work visa for Indians or any other kind of UK visa, the following documents are generally required. Additional documents may be asked for, depending on the purpose of visit.

  • Visa fees payment receipt

  • Appointment letter

  • Recent passport size color photo

  • Signed and dated copy of online application

  • Proof of sponsor’s leave for dependents to live in the UK

  • Proof of income stated on application form

  • Proof of assets like property or land

  • Dated and signed self-assessment form (in case of a settlement visa)

  • Age proof

  • Address proof

  • Educational qualification proof

  • Marriage or divorce certificate (if applicable)

  • Proof of family staying in native country

How to apply for UK visa

  • Find out the type of visa that you need to apply for, depending on your purpose of visit.

  • Visit the official website of the UK government and apply online.

  • Take an appointment at the Visa Application Centre.

  • Show up with your application pack, appointment letter, and passport.

  • Provide photographs and fingerprints.

  • You can choose whether to collect your documents yourself or to have them sent to you via post.


Since it is a long process, make sure to carry out all the steps carefully and not make any errors as it can lead to time being wasted. While a visa is the most important part of your UK trip, do not forget to get your trip insured as well.

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FAQs on UK visa

When should I apply for a UK business visa?

It is usually advisable to apply three months prior to any kind of UK visa.

Are there extra documents required for a UK work visa for Indians?

Depending on the type of work visa, extra documents are required from any foreign national. These include letter of endorsement, criminal record certificate, tuberculosis test result, etc.

Is there a way to expedite my visa process?

Yes, you can opt for the Super Priority Visa Service that provides for processing of applications on the same day.

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