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Citibank Credit Card Statement

The Citibank Credit Card Statement is a document that is generated every month. It contains all the information related to your Citi bank credit card. Not only can you use it to access records of your credit transactions within a billing cycle but also use it to get an idea of your spending pattern, the fees and charges levied, the reward points accumulated, and offers earned. By carefully viewing your credit card statement regularly, you can also highlight if there are any billing errors or unauthorized charges on your credit card.

Benefits of Citi Credit Card Statement

There are several benefits of availing and checking your Citi bank credit card statement every month without fail. These include-

1)  You can track your credit card spends to create an ideal budget for yourself

2) Tracking your credit card statement keeps you updated regarding all the spends made using your credit card and also informs you about billing errors or unscrupulous activities on your card

3) You can learn about the different types of fees and costs imposed on your credit card by taking a look at your Citi credit card statement

4) As statements are generated periodically, it can help you check your finances in a more regular manner

5) There are no charges involved in availing Citi bank credit card statements online or offline.

6)  You can learn about your rewards accumulated as well as the best offers, to enjoy maximum savings on your purchases.

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How to understand your Citi Credit Card Statement Better?

A number of details are listed on your Citi bank credit card statement. To help you understand your statement better, here is a list of information you will find on your statement along with their meanings.

i) Payment due date- The Payment due date is the date by which you need to pay your credit card outstanding amount.

ii) Total Outstanding bill- The total balance outstanding on your credit card is an aggregate of all the unpaid charges billed during a particular billing cycle.

iii) Minimum Amount Due- This the minimum amount from the total bill that you must pay on or before the due date of payment to maintain your Citi credit card.

iv) Billing cycle- The billing cycle is the period during which the transactions made using your card are aggregated. In other words, it is the duration between the two statement generation dates.

v) Interest-free period- The interest-free period is the time between the date of the transaction and the bill payment due date when you are not charged any interest against the transaction amount.

vi) Credit Limit- The credit limit, in simple words, is the amount that can be borrowed for transactions on your Citibank credit card.

vii) Cash Limit- The cash limit is the total amount of money that can be withdrawn as cash against your credit card.

viii) Transaction history- The Citibank credit card statement offers a list of all transactions made in a billing cycle with the date, description of transaction and amount spent. This is known as the transaction history.

ix) Reward points- You Citi credit card statement offers details of your earned reward points, adjusted reward points, disbursed reward points, along with the opening and closing balance.

x) Offers- The Citi credit card statement also throws lights on the available offers and other important information related to them.

How to check Citi Credit Card Statement Online?

Citibank offers you the option to view Citi bank credit card statements online. This can be done through any of the below-mentioned methods.

1) Citibank Netbanking

  • Use your credentials to log in to the Citibank online net banking portal
  •  Select ‘Credit Card’ on the homepage
  • On the left side, select ‘e-statement’
  • Under e-statement, click on ‘View your statement online’
  • From the archived statements select the duration and confirm

2) Citi Mobile App

  •  Use your credentials to log in to Citi Mobile app
  • Go to the home page and click on the main menu
  • Under the main menu, click on ‘Service Requests’
  • Click on the ‘Duplicate Statement Request’
  • Choose the credit card account and select the duration
  • Confirm your preferred mode and the statement will be generated

3) Via Citibank’s website

  • Go to the e-statement portal of Citibank credit card
  • Enter and submit your credit card details such as Citi credit card number, the date of credit card expiry, your date of birth, etc.
  • select the duration and confirm

How to view Citi Credit Card Statement Offline?

In the absence of online channels, you can also get your Citi bank credit card statement through offline methods. These are as follows-

1) SMS Service

To check Citi credit card statements instantly, you can use the SMS service. All you need to do is send an SMS typing STMT followed by space and your credit card’s last four digits and send it to 52484. Within 30 seconds, you would get an alert with the latest Mini Statement on your mobile.

2) Postal Service

You can request for a hardcopy of your Citi bank credit statement through post. The statements will be sent to your registered mailing address within 7 working days of generation of the statement.


3) Visiting a Citibank Branch

You can also visit the nearest Citibank branch and reach out to a Citibank representative requesting for your Citi credit card statement for a preferred duration. The representative will request for a few details of your credit card for verification and share with you your card statement.

4) Contacting the Citibank Credit Card Customer Care

You can request for your Citi bank credit card statement by calling the customer care on 1860 210 2484 (within India) or +91 22 4955 2484 (outside India). A Citibank representative would connect with you and ask you a few questions related to your Citibank credit card to authenticate. Once verified, the representative will provide you with the Citi credit card statement for the specific time duration.

How to switch to Citi Credit Card e-Statement?

There are several advantages of availing the Citi bank credit card online statement facility. These include-

1. The transactions made in the previous statements can be saved, printed or archived for future reference.

2. The Citi card online statement is password protected with 128-bit encryption.

3. Accessing the Citi bank card statement online is convenient, quick, as well as eco-friendly.

4. Not only can you view Citi card statements, but you can also use it to file your taxes electronically.

5. It is also easy to request a duplicate Citi credit card online statement.

You can switch to Citi credit card e-statement through either the net banking channel or by using your Citi Mobile app.

i) Citi Net Banking Online

  • Use your credentials and login to the Citibank Online portal
  •  On the homepage click on ‘Credit Card’
  •  On the left-hand side, click on ‘e-statements’
  • From the dropdown, select your credit card
  • Click on the ‘Register now for e-Statements & Go Green!’

ii) Citibank mobile app

  • Use your credentials and login to the CitiMobile App
  •  Go to the main menu tab on the homepage
  • Select the option that says ‘Service Requests’
  • Click on ‘Register for e-statement’ and confirm

Frequently Asked Questions about Citibank Credit Card Statement

  • ✔️How can I check my Citi Credit Card Statement?

    You can check your Citi credit card statement online using Citibank net banking facility, through the Citi Mobile App, or by going to the Citibank credit card e-statement portal on the official website. You can also get your Citi card statement offline through SMS or post, by calling the customer care, or by visiting your nearest Citibank branch,

  • ✔️How do I download my Citi Credit Card Statement?

    Citi credit card statement download can be done by saving the PDF sent on email to your computer. To view the document you would need to enter the unique Citi credit card statement password, which is a combination of your name’s first four letters and the four digits of your DOB (DD/MM/YYYY).

  • ✔️What is listed in the Citi Credit Card Statement?

    Your Citi credit card statement has your personal details such as name, address, email id, along with the due date of payment, the minimum amount due, previous billing cycle balance, available credit limit, total credit limit, cash limit, details of past transactions, reward points, available offers, etc.