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Cancel SBI Credit Card

Wondering how to close SBI credit card? Don't worry, we have you covered. If you have an SBI credit card and want to upgrade it for advanced credit card features and benefits or have not been using it for some time but have been paying its annual fees, you can go ahead and cancel it. The bank offers several online as well as offline ways to cancel SBI credit cards. These include:

  • Sending an email via your netbanking account

  • Calling on the customer support helpline

  • Submitting a written request

  • Visiting your nearest SBI branch

If you are still unsure about how to cancel a SBI credit card, we have explained all these methods in detail below.

How to Close SBI Credit Cards?

Ways to Cancel SBI Credit Card Online

1. Close SBI Credit Card Online via Netbanking

You can cancel your SBI credit card online by sending an email from your SBI netbanking account to the official SBI ID Once the request is placed and acknowledged, you would receive a unique interaction ID on your registered mobile number. The bank would then get in touch with you to close your SBI credit card.

2. Cancel SBI Credit Card by Calling Customer Care

You can contact the following SBI customer card helpline numbers to cancel SBI credit card-

  • 1860 180 1290

  • 1860 500 1290

  • 1800 180 1290

  • 3902 0202 (local STD code as prefix)

The SBI Credit Card customer care would ask you for a few details to authorise your credit card. Once validated, your request to deactivate SBI credit card will be processed.

Ways to Cancel the SBI Credit Card Offline

1. Cancel SBI Credit Card by Writing a Letter to the bank

You can write a letter and send it via post to SBI’s official address to request the closure of your SBI credit card. The letter can be posted to:

SBI Card,

PO Bag 28,

GPO, New Delhi 110 001

You would need to mention all relevant details related to your account, such as your name, credit card number, credit card expiry date, etc., with your written request. It is advised to avoid sharing sensitive information such as your credit card pin or CVV number in the letter.

2. Visit the nearest SBI branch

You can visit the nearest SBI branch and request a bank official to close your SBI credit card. You would need to carry all the relevant documents along with the particular SBI credit card that you wish to close.

Points to Remember When Closing Your SBI Credit Card

Now that you know how to cancel the SBI credit card, you need to keep a few things in mind when initiating the process:

  1. Clear all pending SBI credit card loans, SBI credit card balance transfer, outstanding dues, or EMI against your SBI credit card to progress with the cancellation process.

  2. Check SBI’s website for the closing process and any penalties that may be charged for closing your SBI credit card account.

  3. Cancel any automatic payments you may have set up against your credit card.

  4. Do not make any new purchases on your SBI credit card once the closure request has been made and the dues have been cleared.

  5. Make sure to redeem all the accumulated reward points on your SBI credit card before it is closed.

  6. Request for a confirmation from the bank, if not provided, stating that the cancellation of your SBI credit card has been successful.

  7. The termination of your SBI credit card will be effective only after you have cleared all outstanding payments on the card.

Consequences of Closing Your SBI Credit Card

Closing your credit card can have certain effects on your finances. These include:

  • Reduced total credit available

  • If the expenses remain the same, the credit utilisation ratio would increase significantly

  • Lowering of the credit score due to the increase in credit utilisation ratio

  • Lower credit score as the average credit history will be reduced

  • Termination of primary SBI credit card will lead to termination of all add-on cards.

Does a Cancelled or Closed Credit Card affect your CIBIL Score 

If you possess multiple credit cards, closing or cancelling one will bring down the total available credit. This reduction in the available credit will increase your credit utilisation ratio, which can negatively impact your score. On the other hand, if you only have one credit card in your name, closing or cancelling it wouldn’t have any impact on your credit score. 

How to Reactivate a Closed SBI Credit Card?

Now that you know how to close an SBI credit card, let’s take a look at how you can reactivate a card that you’ve closed. 

You can reactivate a closed SBI credit card by calling the toll-free SBI Card customer care number - 1860 180 1290. Alternatively you can also reach the customer care by calling the following number - 3902 0202 by prefixing the STD code applicable to you. 

On the other hand, you can also send an email to requesting reactivation of a closed SBI credit card. As part of the reactivation process, you might be required to submit a few documents. Once you submit them, your closed card will be reactivated.

FAQs on Cancel SBI Credit Card

✔️Can the bank close my SBI credit card account without asking me?

In the case of inactivity, delinquency, or multiple defaults in payments, the bank may close your credit card without intimation.

✔️Should I deactivate my unused SBI credit card?

You can close your SBI credit card if you haven’t been using it as it would save you from having to pay unnecessary annual maintenance fees on the card.

✔️In what cases should I close my SBI credit card?

If you are upgrading your current SBI credit card or have an unused credit card from SBI, you can opt to close it.

✔️How can I close my SBI credit card permanently?

If you are wondering how to cancel the SBI credit card, you can do so by any of the methods mentioned below:

  • Via SBI netbanking

  • By calling the SBI customer care helpline

  • Submitting a written request

  • Visiting the nearest SBI branch and requesting help from the bank executive

✔️Can I close my SBI credit card online?

Yes, you can close your SBI credit card online by logging into your SBI netbanking account and sending a mail to cancel SBI credit card.

✔️How to reactivate an SBI Credit Card?

You can call on the SBI credit card helpline number or write to to send an SBI card reactivation request.

✔️When will my credit card account be considered as closed by SBI?

Once you place a cancellation request, the bank will process the same and issue a confirmation in writing via an SMS or an email after closing your credit card. Only upon receipt of this said written confirmation will your card account be considered as closed by the bank. Your credit report will reflect the closure of your credit card as well.

✔️What should be considered and what should not be done before or after initiating the credit card account closure process?

There are a couple of key points that you need to keep in mind before initiating the credit card closure process. Firstly, make sure that all the outstanding dues on your credit card are paid off. Secondly, refrain from using the card during the account closure process.

At any point in time during closure, do not disclose the details of your credit card such as the card number, expiry date, or CVV to any individual including bank officials. Once the account closure process is complete, dispose of the card by cutting it diagonally.

✔️Will the bank notify me if I don't make my payments on time before I begin the cancellation of my SBI credit card?

It is important to ensure that you pay off all the outstanding dues on your card before initiating the cancellation process. If you have any outstanding dues, the bank will send you a notification asking you to clear your dues.